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Frequently Asked Questions - County Information

What types of pledged collateral are acceptable for county deposits?

State Statute Section 77-2387 has a listing of the types of collateral that are acceptable.


How much FDIC coverage does the county have?

Each elected county official has $250,000 FDIC coverage at each bank. The county official may have an additional $250,000 FDIC coverage, based on the designation if the accounts earn interest.


What fund are bond forfeitures credited to?

Bond forfeitures are credited to the Fines and Licenses Fund.


Can transfers be made between county funds?

Transfers can be made from the General Fund or Inheritance Fund if authorized by the county board, repayment is not required. Transfers from special revenue funds are considered loans and must contain a repayment schedule.


What should I do with those old outstanding checks?

Checks outstanding for over three years should be remitted to the State Treasurer as unclaimed property. The State Treasurer should be contacted regarding the form that needs to accompany the payment.