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Audit Contract Suggestion

We recommend strongly that you consider including a provision in all of your future audit contracts or engagements to address the possibility that your entity may be audited by the Auditor of Public Accounts.  Should such an audit by this office occur, that provision would prevent your entity from being billed for more than one audit.  The following is an example of possible contractual language:

In the event that the Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) for the State of Nebraska conducts an audit of [name of entity], this engagement/contract shall be void for the 12-month period (or other period specifically designated) covered by the audit conducted by the APA, and [name of entity] shall not be liable to [name of CPA firm] for any costs or expenses relating to such designated audit period.

File Audits Electronically
You can submit electronically through our website, select "SUBMIT your Audit or Budget." Only one (1) audit per e-mail, must be a PDF. Please use the entities name for the subject line.

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For Additional Questions:

Jeff Schreier, CPA
Audit Manager
Phone (402) 471-2111
Rachel Wittler, CPA, CFE
Audit Manager
Phone (402) 471-2111